Why Do People Move In To Freighter View Assisted Living Community

The following are comments that our residents have shared with us:

“I didn’t want to be alone anymore. Now, there is always someone around.”

family together

“I didn’t want to rely on my children and neighbors any more. They would come to visit and I was always finding things for them to do. Since moving to Freighter View, we can simply enjoy one another’s company and our time together.”

“My Doctor recommended that I receive additional support after my last hospitalization. He said it could be for a short time until I got my strength back. I have recovered, but I am not going anywhere.”

“I don’t like to drive anymore. Now, everything I need is provided, including transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments.”

“It was getting to hard to keep up with the yard work, especially shoveling the snow. I worried about myself or my wife falling when we went outside.”

“I couldn’t get in and out of my bathtub anymore. Here, there are large walk-in showers with a seat.”

“I wanted to go somewhere but I didn’t want to leave my dog. I was able to bring my little dog with me in my apartment.”

“My husband needed my help to get in and out of his wheelchair and I couldn’t do it anymore. It is so nice having someone to assist him.”

“I was lonely. I don’t have to worry about being lonely anymore. I have a lot of friends here and there is always something fun to do.”

“I had to hire someone to help with the housework and cooking. Here, everything is so clean and the food is delicious.”

“I needed the security and peace of mind. Once I decided it was time to move out of my home, I looked at a couple different places. I chose Freighter View because the manager assured me that the staff would strive to meet my needs, even if my health worsened.”

“You can’t beat the view. I grew up on the river so this was like coming home.”

“I came to Freighter View because my foot was broken in two places. I intended to return home as soon as my foot healed; however, as that time approached I decided to stay. I had been a widow for thirteen years and after my experience at Freighter View, I realized how lonely I had been. I appreciate the activities and friendships and the comfort of my apartment. I am happy with my decision to stay and so is my family.”

Family Testimonials

“The Freighter View facility and staff exceeded our most optimistic expectations. The warm and caring staff are unique in their training and deportment. It is clear they care about the residents. My Mother lived there for 3 & 1/2 years, experiencing a very high quality of life. Her caregivers became dear friends providing a level of attention to the needs of the resident that would rival the level of care given by family. You can rest assured your loved one will be cared for with the same concern as if you were doing it yourself. I can say with out reservation the Freighter View stands alone as a role model for the care of the elderly.”

Cory Somes

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